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  • Titulo del libro: ¿que tiempo hace, maisy? (maisy y sus amigos)
  • EAN: 9788484882459
  • Autor: (acerca de)
  • Publisher: serres
  • Language: Espanol
  • Numero de paginas: 14
  • Los datos publicados: 01.04.2006
  • Formato de libro: EPUB PDF
  • Tamano del archivo: 1.90Mb
  • Clasificacion:
    4.5 out of 5 (284 votes)

Descripción "¿que tiempo hace, maisy? (maisy y sus amigos)"

The daunting Lord Montclaire is outraged when he returns from the crusades to discover that the scheming King Richard the Lionheart has bestowed his lands upon a young heiress. The astute Diana is not impressed either, realising the danger of her new inheritance, especially when the chivalrous and lethal Montclaire seeks her out and discovers he wants her – and not only for his estates. Can she trust him as the kings entourage are swept up in the pursuit of war against the FrenchThe king stands between Montclaire and his birthright, demanding more homage than he is willing to give, meanwhile, the brutal mercenaries of the army are on the prowl for whatever they can get. Both Montclaire and Diana risk their lives as they wait upon the kings pleasure. This tale of intrigue and romance, unfolds against a background of well-researched mediaeval history.

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